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Platåbergens Geopark

Welcome to the Table Mountain landscape!

In this app you find information on sites to visit in Platåbergens Geopark. The sites are presented in four different themes: A piece of Earth’s history, Earth brings life, Rocks for a living and The mountains are a live.

Aspiring Platåbergens Geopark will in 2019 apply to become Sweden’s first UNESCO Global Geopark. A geopark is an area where the geology is of international significance – something that’s unique in the world. In a geopark you learn about the connections between geology, biology, people and cultural history. Visitors and residents of Platåbergens Geopark will be able to learn more about the mountains and their surroundings and re-live fascinating historical tales and events.

The area of the geopark covers nine municipalities: Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Grästorp, Lidköping, Götene, Skara, Mariestad, Skövde and Falköping, with the municipality of Grästorp as project owner. This app is developed with funds from EU Rural Development programme.